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He was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1954. He completed his elementary and secondary education in Ankara and was graduated from Ankara Kurtuluş High School in 1972.  He started his education in Faculty of Medicine in Ankara University in 1971 and was graduated in 1977.

1978–1979: He worked as a medical doctor in Dilaver Coal Mine of the Turkish Coal Mining Enterprise under Zonguldak SSK (Social Security Institution) hospital. He started as an assistant in newly inaugurated Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University’s Ophthalmology Department in 1979 and continued to work as an assistant for 14 months. In this period, he was the representative of faculty assistants and joined the steering committee of the faculty. He also joined in the two-month rotation programme in Hacettepe University, Ophthalmology Department.

He took th examination for residency again in 1979 and restarted as an assistant in Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, Ophthalmology Department. With this thesis titled “diagnosis and treatment results of orbital tumors examined in our clinic between 1962 and 1982”, he completed his residency  process. His thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. İlhan Günalp. He achieved specialisation degree from Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine, Ophthalmology Department in March 1983 and got transferred to the Ministry of Social Security due to compulsory service in countryside.

1983-1985: He completed his compulsory service as a specialist in Rize SSK Hospital, Ophthalmology Department. In May 1985, he was appointed to Izmir. He worked in İzmir Buca SSK Hospital as an Ophthalmology consultant specialist. Passing the examination same year, he was appointed to Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Medicine as an assistant professor in September 1985.

In 1986, he went to England on official duty. In Leicester Royal Infirmary, Ophthalmology Clinic, he studied in the group headed by Prof. Ralph Rosenthal on diabetic retinopathy, senile macular degeneration and retinal detachment  surgery. He participated in patient screening  and evaluation programmes on these diseases . He carried out a study on disc neovascularization and regression  in diabetic retinopathy . During his working period in England, he worked with Mr. Arthur Steele on extra-capsular cataract surgery, with Mr. Z. Gregor on vitreoretinal surgery and with Mr. Hamilton on diabetic retinopathy in Moorfields Eye Hospital . In Ophthalmology clinics of the Cambridge Addenbrook Hospital, he worked with Mr. John Scott primarily on vitreoretinal surgery and medical retina.

1988-91: He worked as the Chairman of Ophthalmology Department of Dokuz Eylül University.

1988: He succeeded the examination for associate professorship. He performed his military service in Ankara Mevki Hospital 1990.

1988-1996: He worked as an associate professor in Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Medicine.

In 1991, he worked with Dr. Peperkam and Dr. Mertens at the vitreoretinal surgery unit of Erasmus University in the Netherlands. In 1992 and 1994, he worked with Dr. M.Klein and Dr. Löeshe in the vitreoretinal department of Duisburg University in Germany.

In 1989, he initiated clinical studies on vitreoretinal surgery in Dokuz Eylül University.

In 1996, he was assigned to work as a professor in Dokuz Eylül University.

He has 217 published articles in national journals. He has 367 presentation , panel discussions and  talks in national conferences and meetings. His name was apperaed in  45 scientific studies published in peer reviewed international journals  and was consequently referred and cited to in 33 international studies. He performed 262  free papers , panel talks and presentations in international meetings including 18 course  as a course speaker and 35  conferences  as an invited speaker. He wrote 9 chapters in Turkish books, which have been published so far. In the scope of the multi-centre European study regarding endophtalmitis prophylaxis by European Cataract and Refractive Surgeons Association (ESCRS), he coordinated the part in Turkey on behalf of Dokuz Eylül University. Furthermore, he is taking part in various international studies’ arm in Turkey. He is working as a fellow researcher in the international study titled RESTORE on the use of ranibisumab in diabetic macula edema.

He’s been a member of the Turkish Ophthalmology Society  (TOS) since 1979.

He is the Past  President of Turkish Ophthalmology Society and Head the  Executive Board of Turkish Ophthalmology Society  elected for 2011-2013 period. Also he is the president of 46. Congress of Turkish Ophthalmology Society Organisation Commiittee held in Antalya , in 2013.

Now he is the member of the Supreme Advisory  Council of Turkish Ophthalmology Society that highest committee which is steering by past presidents of the Society.

Süleyman Kaynak is the elected member for 2014-2016 period  of the  Executive Board of İzmir Medical Chamber that is the third biggest chamber of Turkish Medical Association , has approximately  8000 members.

He worked as the member of the board  committee for 6 terms, as the president for 2 terms (1998-2000 and 2004-2006)  and as then secretary general for 2 terms (1996-1998 and 2000-2002) in TOS’s Izmir branch since 1994. In 1999, he organized the 34th congress of the Turkish Ophthalmology Society in Izmir as the head of the congress. He worked as the member of the Central Board  Committee of TOD for 4 terms (2001-2003 / 2003-2005 / 2005-2007 / 2007-2009). During this period, he worked as a member of Turkish Ophthalmology Society  Publication Commission and as a representative of Turkish Medical Doctors Union. He maintained cooperation between two institutions. In addition, he is still working as a member in 8 different subcommissions of TOD.

He was the president of the 33. National Ophthalmology Society Meeting held in İzmir in 1999 and vice president of the 39th National Ophthalmology Congress held in Antalya in 2005. He was involved in the organization and contributed to the congress as a member of National Congress Organization Committee (UKOK). He is still working as the Executive Board  member of TOS, Steering Committee member of TOD’s İzmir branch and Executive Council member of TOD Vitreoretinal Surgery Unit.He was  the general secretary of TOS Vitreoretinal Surgery Unit till to 2013. Now he is the president of the Executive Council member of TOD Vitreoretinal Surgery Unit till to 2016.

He worked in the TOS’s Executive Council of Vitreoretinal Unit for 3 terms (6 years) as the unit’s webmaster. Furthermore, he is an active member of Medical Retina Unit, Cataract Refractive Unit and Training Planning Unit of Turkish Ophthalmology Society .

He is working in the scientific committee of Turkish Ophthalmology Journal  as well as the scientific committees of 5 journals. He also works as a referee in many peer rewived  journals.

He is among the founders of the Turkic Republics Ophthalmology Association (TCOD). Since its foundation in 2000, he’s been a member of the executive committee and taking part in the organization committees for the association’s organizations. He’s undertaken duties as Scientific Advisory Board member, board secretary and webmaster.

He is a member of American Ophthalmology Academy (AAO), American Cataract and Refractive Surgery Association (ASCRS), European Cataract and Refractive Surgery Association (ESCRS), American Society of Retinal  Specialts (ASRS), International Ocular Inflammation Society (IOIS), Mediterranean Ophthalmology Society (MOS) and Mediretina Club, European Ophthalmology Society (SOE) and European Vitreoretinal Surgery Society  (EVRS). He was a country delegate in EVRS (2003-2005). He was the representative of Turkey in the organization committee of EVRS’ congress held in İstanbul in 2004. He is a member of European Retina Association (Euretina) . He is an honorary member in Cataract and Refractive Surgery Association of Greece (SEEOS). He is a jury member in European Union’s European Board of Ophthalmology  (EBO) examinations held every May ,in Paris.

Between 2000 and 2007, he organized and managed Dokuz Eylül Spring Live Surgery Days (1st-8th). By organizing this very first event in its field, he contributed to the development of the traditional live surgery training in the field of Ophthalmology in Turkey.

He is still working in Dokuz Eylül University as  professor in vitreoretinal surgery and medical retina units of ophthalmology department  and as a faculty member. His wife Dr. Tülin Kaynak is also an ophthalmologist working in their own medical center. Tülin and Süleyman Kaynak have one daughter. Defne Kaynak is going to university in Chicago (SAIC).
Süleyman Kaynak M.D. FEBO Professor of Ophthalmology

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